Our Approach


Mattson Communications achieves results through a proven two-phased methodology developed through 20 years of experience in business-to-business corporate communications and PR. Here’s how we will drive your PR goals.

Phase One: Messaging

We start with an integrated communications plan based on our research; our strategic assessment of your position in the marketplace and our identification of the competitive advantages that add value for your clients. Tactics in phase one, include:

  • Develop and implement proactive public relations programs that satisfy the information needs of your target audiences.
  • Monitor the impact of industry trends on your business, anticipate questions and develop effective responses.
  • Provide expert counsel on internal and external communications strategy.
  • Gauge media and analyst perceptions of your company’s strengths, weaknesses and competitive differentiation.
  • Conduct a messaging workshop to define audience specific corporate messages that promote your brand.

Phase Two: Communications

Then, we develop and execute a comprehensive range of tactics from aggressive media campaigns, to industry analyst briefings and interview presentations that strengthen your company’s positioning. Mattson Communications ensures consistent message delivery to multiple audiences over the long term. Tactics in phase two, include:

  • Prepare accurate and clear communications materials, such as:
    • byline articles
    • client case studies
    • corporate fact sheets
    • FAQs
    • media presentations
    • press releases
    • Web site content
  • Secure authoritative endorsements and quotations from customers, partners, analysts and other key influencers.
  • Provide accurate and timely information as your spokesperson with high-level media and industry analysts.
  • Achieve consistent press coverage in your target media outlets.
  • Forge and sustain productive relations between your company and targeted media, bloggers and industry analysts.
  • Connect senior management with key influencers at conferences, press tours and trade shows.
  • Aid participation in social media to strengthen your brand and connect with key influencers.