Hannover_MesseSince 2011, Mattson Communications has been working with HANNOVER MESSE, the world’s most prominent industrial technology trade show and conference. In March 2015, Mattson Communications had the pleasure of pitching the news that the United States has been named partner country for HANNOVER MESSE 2016. In the past few years, HANNOVER MESSE has focused on integrated industry, a cooperative concept that could be called the “Internet of Things” of the manufacturing world, as well as Industry 4.0, also known as “advanced manufacturing” in the U.S. These steps forward are significant to manufacturers worldwide, but they require intense integration and communication across several platforms: data security, software compatibility, energy networks, and data flow analysis. Luckily, HANNOVER MESSE provides a space for such communication to take place.

The U.S. partnership with HANNOVER MESSE is extremely beneficial to both our client and U.S. manufacturing companies, especially small and medium enterprises. HANNOVER MESSE expects that increased U.S. business involvement will help create more American publicity for the event, which Mattson Communications is excited to facilitate and oversee. It has even been rumored that Obama will be opening the show alongside Angela Merkel, so we expect significant U.S. press coverage of HANNOVER MESSE 2016.

The HANNOVER MESSE partnership with the U.S. seamlessly aligns with President Obama’s commitment to digitizing U.S. manufacturing. Obama has allocated over $70 million for solving the challenges faced by modern manufacturers. The president’s goal in doing so is that American factories will be able to remain competitive worldwide. By attending HANNOVER MESSE, U.S. manufacturers will gain insight into the latest industrial technology innovations, as well as hear from leaders in the Industry 4.0 field as to how to adapt to the digital factory landscape.

Mattson Communications is excited to continue working with HANNOVER MESSE as we approach April 2016. We will be conducting a national press tour with the director of HANNOVER MESSE, including a late-September Chicago-based press conference to outline the benefits of securing the U.S. as partner country. Because of well-nurtured, long-term relationships with energy, technology, and manufacturing industry trade and business press, we look forward to abundant media coverage surrounding the 2016 event.

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