Your Audiences and What They Need to Hear



Mattson Communications will drive your business goals by creating an effective, integrated communications plan.

Only an expert can effectively navigate this delicate process to craft messages, develop a strategy and achieve results with sensitivity and dexterity. Unless your marketing team can demonstrate thorough understanding of each of the following target audiences, you need Mattson Communications’ seasoned experience across corporate communications, business and financial PR.

Business and Financial Media

A popular target among attention-seekers, these journalists and bloggers must be skeptical of every company and its products. They ask tough questions and read between the lines. Across industries there are major differences among print and online business media and the technology and business bloggers. Taking maximum advantage of these influencers requires in-depth knowledge of their areas of interest, relationship-building skills and solid communications materials.

Capital Markets

Venture capital firms look for a pipeline of new technology ideas, entrepreneurial and management talent and companies that will evolve. Financial analysts can catapult an unknown company to stardom and mutual fund managers can take significant positions in companies once they’re publicly traded, prompting savvy companies to secure their interest prior to an IPO. Increasingly individual investors are channeling money into newly public companies, making their investment decisions based on online, broadcast and print media. Approaching these diverse audiences requires the ability to clearly communicate your growth record and vision.

Industry Analysts

With the ear of Fortune 500 clients, industry analysts can generate major client wins by recommending the best products and services. Likewise, they can drive media coverage of new and evolving trends. Achieving their endorsement requires solid relationships and face-to-face contact.


Strategic alliances and partnerships with resource providers can draw big name clients, and may ultimately fulfill your company’s exit strategy through acquisition. High-profile partnerships offer smaller companies access to a broader base of media and industry analysts. Attracting premier partnerships requires an excellent media profile that demonstrates your company’s ability to fill important gaps in partners’ capabilities and offerings.


Big names on the client roster will raise the stakes in an IPO or merger; attract a network of vendors and alliances; and add credibility to your marketing materials, Web site and social media content. Landing those clients will require demonstrated innovation, stability and scalability for the long term.


Corporate communications is a key challenge for companies relying on decentralized operations, such as home offices and mobile workers. Effective communication can help control overhead, enhance productivity and raise valuations. Targeted emails and social media efforts from senior management can communicate your company’s growth strategy and deflect the rumor-mill’s impact.